Ultra-Miniature Wireless Optogenetics System

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    Optogenetics has become an important research tool in neuroscience for its high temporal and spatialresolution and cell specificity. The traditional optogenetic solution is to transmit specific wavelength of light to the target nuclei through optical fibers. This wired connection interfere with the behavioral results of experimental animals more or less, limiting the regulation of light stimulation in some behavioral paradigms. However, as the optogentics goes deeper and broader in research fields, such as peripheral nerves, heart, skin, urinary system, etc., traditional solutions by fiber implantation become increasingly difficult to meet the actual experimental demands. Therefore, miniaturization, wireless, and flexible optogenetic solutions are almost certain.

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    The ultra-miniature wireless optogenetics system developed by inper contains three modules: controller, energy generator and flexible implant. The system guarantees stable optical power output without battery. It integrates inper studio of windows or iOS version, which is convenient to operate and rich in functions. 


    Light TypeFull implantable LED chip
    PowerWireless power supply
    Surface treatmentWaterproofing design
    Flexible design
    Wavelength390, 470, 530, 560, 590, 650
    InputConnector: BNC
    Number of Channels: 2
    Voltage Range: 0.1-10 V 
    OutputConnector: BNC
    Number of Channels: 2
    Voltage Range: 0.1-5 V
    SoftwarePlatform: Windows and iOS
    Connection TypeWifi or USB
    Stimulation ParameterSquare: 0.1ms-100h
    Pulse Train: 0.1 ms-100 h; 1-10KHz
    Stimulation Delay0.1 ms-100 h
    TriggerMode: Gate, Edge, Real Time
    Refractory Period: 1 ms - 1 h
    Signal Range: 0.1 - 10 V

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