Multi-Channel Fiber Photometry Device

  • Excitation Wavelength (nm)

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Fiber photometry system is a commonly used method for measuring calcium activity of neurons. It is characterized to record the activity changes of target neurons in special behavior through optical techniques. It can detect projection-defined activity signals in complex behaviors in real time,which is of great significance for studying the function of specific neural circuits in different behavioral paradigms.

410nm Helps Remove Noise Signlas

In the fiber photometry experiment, various kinds of artificial noise may affect the accuracy of experimental result. These noise includes autofluorescence caused by tissue damage, motion-induced changes caused by free-moving animals, photobleaching induced by long-term imaging, and other false positive signals interference caused by non-calcium concentration changes. However, the traditional fiber photometry recording solution cannot evaluate and reduce the impact of the artificial noise on the experimental results. When the calcium sensor is excited by light from 405 to 420 nm, its emission fluorescence intensity maintains a constant state with the change of intracellular Ca2+ concentration. Therefore, to some extent, it can be considered that the fluorescence signal excited at 410 nm reflects the noise signal except for the change of the Ca2+ concentration. On the basis of the principle above, 410 nm light can be added as control in fiber photometry system. The fluorescence signal corresponding to exciting light 410 nm, and 488 nm (GCaMP)/561 nm (RCaMP) will be simultaneously recorded. During fluorescence signal analysis, this system can effectively remove noise signals and greatly improve the accuracy of experimental data.

Highly configurable IO and Colors

Inper have developed a new generation of multi-channel fiber photometry system in combination with epifluorescence microscopy, multimode fiber-conduction technology, and CMOS imaging, in response to the current the requirements of multi-sites and high-throughput calcium signal recording in neural circuits research. The system integrates ultra-stable LED light source, high-quality optical lens, high-sensitivity and low-noise CMOS chip, which can accurately collect the emitting fluorescence of target wavelength when the excitation light is output stably. Meanwhile, the system includes 6 TTL inputs for marking events, and 2 TTL outputs for exporting 5 V voltage signals once ΔF/F > preset value, which can meet the requirements of multiple event-related calcium signal acquisition in behavioral experiments

  • Stable LED with 410, 470, 561, 635 nm 

  • High sensitivity and low noise CMOS chip 

  • High quality filter lenses 

  • Rich digital I/O

Odoo • Text and Image

Powerful Recording Software With Well-designed Interface

The software for multi-channel photometry system has a concise  interface that is easy to operate, and can simultaneously acquire signals and behavioral events. The signal sampling rate, exposure time of CMOS, and gain can be set, and signal previewed with software.

Professional Data Analysis of Visualization

Without any programming knowledge, you can add or delete the marker points at will by dragging the mouse, and analyze single or multiple groups of experimental data.

The analysis software Can directly generate commonly used DeltaF / F, Z-Score, Heatmap, and other figures, you can also export the original data or processed data to CSV or other formats for processing with other data analysis software.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

All images are exported in vector format. You can directly edit the images with Illustrator, CorelDRAW and other software to change the color and fonts.



      Optic Fiber ConnectorFC  or SMA
      1.9 mm tailstock
      Excitation Wavelength410 nm, 470 nm, 561 nm
      Optical Power0-120 μW
      Power adjustment Software
      Power accuracy0.1 μW
      Acquisition modeContinuous or Sequential
      Sampling1 - 320 FPS
      Exposure time1 - 100 ms
      Number of Channels9 in default and more available for customization. Simultaneous Recording in three colors
      Connector TypeInputs: 6
      Outputs: 2
      Connection modeUSB 3.0
      MarkersAuto marking based on pre-set threshold of  ΔF/F 
      Output> ΔF/F threshold
      At start of recording
      At end of recording
      Adaptation adjustmentFree adjustment of fiber end face
      Free configuration of ROI

      FileCustomized file name and path
      Acquisition interfaceSolid or auto timeline
      SoftwareRecording and analysis
      Vector format
      AnalysisAlgorithm integration
      Free choice of control channel
      Export of ΔF/F raw data
      Offline Marking
      Synchronization with other physiological signal
      VideoIntegration of  behavior video recording

      Specifications for Multi-Channel Fiber Photometry Device

      Excitation Wavelength (nm) 410 or 470 or 561 or 410/470 or 410/561 or 470/561 or 410/470/561

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